Lost Legion

 Well Sam, launched a new server called Lost Legion. Its a 35x harvest, modded drops, really a pretty balanced server. Mostly it has a Legion base and then a few things to make it different.

The only map so far as of 5/30 is Lost Island with 40 slots.

24 hour day, US Central time server, PVE from 2am to 2pm, PVP from 2pm to 2am

Offline Raid Protection starts after 2 hours, what what!!!

That means when I'm not around for a few days I can be safe and on top of that with the 12 hours of PVE, people that want to play PVE only have the potential too. Granted they have to play overnights or mornings and need to be off by noon.

Weight is AMAZING. 500k for players per point and insane weight for our tames with just 1 point. It will be good to be able to put points elsewhere.

Crafting skill is an amazing 5000 per point too.

All in all a great server. Can't wait to see it grow.


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